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Humble Me Clothing, LLC was Trademarked and Copyrighted on November 11th, 2008. The idea came from Martin Bindschatel and Gisela Peay after a serious accident “Humbled” their lifestyles. Both being avid Mixed Martial Arts fans, they came up with the concept of a clothing line that could attract both the “Humbled” and the not-so “Humbled” fighters and fans. If you are a “Humble” person, this clothing will suit you perfectly, because of the attitudes of the creators of the clothing line. If you are not “Humbled”, then you can express your attitude and challenge people to “Humble” you and your skills by wearing and utilizing our product and gear. It really does make sense for both personalities to wear Humble Me Clothing’s Logo.

Our goal is to keep our prices very affordable, yet to be competitive in the fashions of the extreme sports world. We do not want to copy any other clothing line, but there are definitely some companies that are inspirations to us and our family. Particularly one (! We have done plenty of research and we know that we can be a great competitor in this industry by keeping our prices significantly lower than EVERYONE else, yet use the same, exact, high quality material that is recommended in the highly physical sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Not to mention, a pretty Bad@ss logo and name!

We appreciate your business and your patience with us as we take on this amazing challenge of the Mixed Martial Arts World. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 702-280-9577. You can also go to, or and see our road traveled. We would love to hear your opinion about our company.

Thank you,

Marty B. & Peaches
President & Vice-President
Humble Me Clothing


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